Our services are uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients while holding paramount public safety.


MME offers structural engineering services with specialized expertise in bridges, precast concrete and reinforced cast-in-place (CIP) element design, structural steel design, temporary structural works, retaining walls, and municipal infrastructure. Our staff bring over 20 years of structural experience and can take on projects ranging from simple shoring systems to full detail design and contract preparation for both medium and high complexity bridges. We also offer structural QVE services and provide constructability reviews for complex projects.


Deep foundation geostructural engineering design is project specific depending on the site constraints and project requirements. It is the marriage of deep found element design and technical expertise to match the project requirements, site constraints, Contractors equipment/labour specialties, and material suppliers capabilities to provide a cost-effective and constructible design.  Our specialty includes the design of helical piles, micropiles, and drilled-in displacement micropiles; our expertise is derived from experience gained at deep foundation specialty contractors and structural contractors.


Our Geophysical & NDT services are comprised or four key areas, (Damage Prevention, Subsurface Mapping & Modeling, Integrity Testing & Validation, and Research & Development), with focus on identifying methods to mitigate often costly, intrusive and destructive testing and augment our engineering field investigation services.  Our specialty includes the implementation of GPR technology to map subsurface features and buried infrastructure. With the research and development branch of our firm focusing on the development of GPR technology and methodologies for mapping subsurface contamination and monitoring the progress of remediation techniques.


Micro-Developments focus on the design and implementation of small footprint or site constrained land development projects that are both sustainable and resilient. Due to the inherent challenges, (physical site constraints, by-laws, and environmental requirements), associated with these projects many municipalities and private developers often overlook viable development opportunities to achieve housing objectives or trigger redevelopment of key locations.  Our firm brings together the necessary project management, technical, environmental and construction expertise required to navigate the unique and complex challenges of each project and successfully develop these site.


MME’s Project Team is uniquely positioned to offer a value-added proposition not offered by many small firms; Our collective past experiences gained on major infrastructure projects during tenure at large-scale consulting engineering and contracting firms has developed our deep-rooted knowledge, skills and experience in Contract preparation, administration, and management.  MME has the proven capability to complete projects to the full satisfaction of the Contractor while providing added value at each stage of the process. The proposed MME Project Team offers Contractor's superior knowledge of successful contract preparation and administration methods. The MME Team have a combined 20 years of experience working directly for heavy civil contractors.  While inspection and Contract Administration experience is valuable, it is our team's previous experience working directly for General Contractors that sets us apart from other consultants and enables MME to support Contractors through each phase of a project from tendering to project closeout.


Support of Excavation Design (or Shoring Design) is a responsibility that is commonly transferred to the Contractor as a design-build component of the project.  Safe, constructible designs in a time sensitive environment are two pillars of an effective partnership between Contractor and Design Team; Our Geostructural Engineering Design Team’s expertise was derived from hands-on time spent working directly for the heavy civil contracting industry.

We specialize in small to mid-sized temporary support works; our recent geostructural projects include temporary support design for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and soil nail design for the University of Toronto.