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MME and KWUL Partnership Announced!


January 9th, 2018 - Mooney Metaxas Engineering Inc. and Kitchener-Waterloo Utility Locates are pleased to announce the establishment of a collaborative partnership between the two firms.


The partnership will focus on driving technical innovation, through the application of new techniques and technologies, to improve quality of utility locates and augment the Subsurface Utility Engineering Services that can be offered to our clients. The partnership will bring designers and engineers from both firms together with stakeholders to find solutions in addressing the need for more accurate a reliable locates and records on engineering projects.


The partnership will not be your typical locate service or standard approach to subsurface utility engineering, led by MME the partnership will be employing industry best practices, improved techniques and new technology to implement a unified project platform that will permit cost-effective and real-time coordination between all stakeholders during construction of projects of all sizes and complexities, with clients benefiting from better collaboration, consistent data and working practices throughout the life cycle of their projects.


Consulting Engineer Designation Awarded!

June 23, 2017 - Mooney Metaxas Engineering Inc.'s Principal, Chris Metaxas P.Eng has been designated by the Council of the Association as a Consulting Engineering under the provisions of a Regulation made under the Professional Engineering Act (Ontario).


Congratulations Chris!

Getting the most out of 3D Techology...


July 2017 - One question that every engineer struggles with at one point or another is "Are we getting the most our of our CADD software and technical staff?"  However, with the implementation of new 3D technologies, revised software platforms being release every year and the increasing demands for data analysis and accuracy it can be a difficult question to answer.

To address this MME took a rather unique approach and implemented a back to basics program for all Engineering and Technical Staff.  This program requires our team regardless of experience, to complete comprehensive fundamentals training for all new software being implemented at MME and a fundamentals refresher every two years for new releases of software and technology utilized by MME as part of our service offerings.

This program has lead to finding new more efficient ways to address engineering challenges without investing in additional software, expanded our service offerings and help our team better understand the limitations of the tools being used.

Honouring achievement, embracing change...


Mooney Metaxas Engineering Inc's Principal, Micheal Mooney, C.E.T. was elected and sworn in as OACETT's Institute for Engineering Technology Ontario (IETO) Western Region Councillor at OACETT's 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Micheal along with his fellow Councillors will server OACETT for the next two years working to promote and further the understanding for the need of technology education and certification in Ontario, while helping the Association and its members adapt to the new industries, technologies and demographics impacting technology professionals today and in the future.