Kenley Lane to Summer Place Walkway

In 2018, the City of Cambridge required a review of the existing Kenley Lane to Summer Place Walkway. A slope stability assessment and design recommendations are being provided by MME for the rehabilitation of the walkway that addresses tight-access requirements, sloped terrain and the stability of the slope.

We've provided our services for the following;

  • Utility Conflicts & Relocations

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Slope Stability (Local)

  • Slope Stability (Global)

  • Preliminary Design

  • Detail Design

  • Preparation of "tender ready" contract documents

Site restrictions and limited access for construction have required the development of design options that facilitate the use of smaller equipment and handwork minimizing the impacts to existing vegetation and infrastructure, where feasible.

Addressing slope stability concerns of adjacent property owners has been a critical element of this project. Although there are no visible signs of slope instability, a comprehensive slope stability assessment was undertaken, including the development of design options to improve the slope factor of safety. This has allowed MME to provide the City with supporting documentation and a comprehensive list of feasible options to address Stakeholder concerns.

On Wednesday, February 13th, the City of Cambridge and MME will hold a Public Information Centre to gain valuable insight from local residents. It will be held at Cambridge City Hall in the Bowman Room from 5pm-7pm. If you're impacted by the outcome of the trail, please make sure to attend the PIC or contact us with your feedback. Otherwise, stay tuned and we'll share with you what type of feedback we receive.

MME offers civil & structural engineering services with specialized expertise in bridges, shoring, temporary works, retaining walls, and municipal infrastructure. Our staff bring over 20 years of structural experience and can take on projects ranging from simple shoring systems to full detail design and contract preparation for both medium and high complexity bridges. We also offer structural QVE services and provide constructability reviews for complex projects.